We take the frustration out of choosing a health insurance plan.

Few things in life are as confusing and frustrating as choosing between health insurance plans.

Let HealthSage easily and quickly compare multiple plans for you and accurately predict future costs.

Health insurance plan decisions made easy.

It's your company's yearly open enrollment. Or you have a qualifying event such as a change of job, a birth, or a death. You're staring at multiple plans offered by your employer, healthcare.gov, or a broker, and there's no way to realistically compare them.

Without knowing how to compare, many of us throw up our hands in frustration and make the best choice we can. Others of us look into comparing basic information - the deductible of Plan A versus the deductible of Plan B, knowing full well that this isn't an accurate comparison, but it's better than not doing anything.

But isn't there a better way to figure out how all of the various options of deductibles, premiums, and co-pays will work out in the coming year?

Whether it's 2 or 200 plans, let HealthSage be your guide. No more comparing apples and oranges.

True health insurance plan comparison.

Wondering if you'll feel good about your decision a year from now? We'll help you take the guessing out of your health plan choices. Our calculator will help you understand what your health insurance costs will look like under a range of circumstances for the upcoming year.

Leave the legalese and technical language behind and start to truly understand how your insurance should work for you.

Our Mission

HealthSage exists to close the gap in the lack of informed decision-making between health insurance plans. We feel that consumers should be empowered to confidently make health insurance decisions. These decisions can keep more money in our pockets and ensure that our families have the coverage we need.

We began as two friends who felt intelligent and well-informed enough to make smart health insurance choices and yet were stonewalled by an inability to properly compare these choices (even with our experience in finance, healthcare, data analysis, and decision modeling). Why is it that a decision with such vast consequences should be so intimidating and confusing? We decided to do something about it.